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Here's what a few of our customers have been saying about their experience with White Mountain Yurts (check back often...more to come!):

Thank you Paul, Trevor and Denise.

To anyone out there who is thinking of getting a yurt... This is the company to order yours from-A professional, friendly honest family business. Do it! It is life changing. I have physical limitations and Paul was thoughtful and compassionate and instead of stairs built me a ramp.

Dorothy Fitzgerald

Hi Denise, and Paul,

I just wanted to touch base with you guys and let you know how much we love our yurt. I went over there this afternoon, to relax, had to shovel my way in, in a few places, due to heavy snow drifts, but I was able to drive right up to it. The snow is about half way up the sides, and the black cold helps keep it warm. When I got there, it was 40 degrees inside, and within an hour and half, I had it up to 70, the wood stove does a great job. Since it’s only a ten minute drive for us, from the farm, we after head over there on the weekends with friends, of a cocktail or two, and relax. Everyone loves it. Our oldest daughter Katelyn and her husband Frank, love it too, and came up from Boston with 2 other couples a few weeks ago, and stayed there for 3 nights, they didn’t want to leave.

So, thanks for a great yurt, and a simple, wonderful place to retreat to, and relax. Hope all is well with you and the family.

Here are some pics from this winter.
Gib and Sue

My dream was to have a beautiful piece of land with a home that was energy-efficient, low-impact, and not your usual box. I did a lot of research on yurts, on the web and by visiting ones in the area. I heard good things about the quality of White Mountain Yurts, which I saw for myself when I helped in someone else's yurt raising. Since I live in Vermont, it was a no-brainer, both ethically and business-wise, to buy my yurt from a family-owned company that was hours instead of days away. I like that I know the people who made my yurt, and I know where the wood is from.

I actually got a building loan for my project, and that meant deadlines and lots of forms to fill out. Paul and Denise were helpful every step of the way - if I needed some kind of documentation, they got it to me pronto. They were very flexible with the bank's scheduling. The May weekend we put up the yurt served up a mix of snow, rain, and epic mud - and all through it, Paul was organized and upbeat, encouraging our “crew.” The man worked his butt off making sure everything was just right - and stopped by a week later on his way back from another job to put up my awnings and see if anything needed adjusting.

My 30-foot White Mountain Yurt offered a lot of possibilities, and an architect friend helped design an interior “pod” for bathroom, storage, kitchen, and sleeping loft that I hired contractors to build. The result is elegant and functional, and I'm thrilled with it. These past few months have tested my yurt with crazy wind storms and torrential rain storms, and the structure has proven its solidity as well as its beauty. With the windows open and awnings up, everything's stayed cozy and dry. Meanwhile, I have great views, see and hear so many critters, and am on my way to making my yurt the heart of a permaculture homestead. This is a great home for me. Or, as the guys who delivered my refrigerator said, “This is the coolest thing EVER!”

Maria - From Vermont

The clean, sacred geometry of living in a yurt is absolutely magical. Paul and Dan, of White Mountain Yurts, helped us realize our dream and went above and beyond in assisting us with our yurt raising. Paul's woodwork is outstanding and that we were able to buy locally and support the local working folks made this purchase even sweeter.
Deb - From the Cape

We were so lucky to have found Paul and Denise at White Mountain Yurts. Our project was in a tricky location and we did all the planning long distance. But Paul's flexibility and enthusiasm made the experience a pleasure. We are thrilled with the results and recommend W.M.Y. heartily!
Jennifer W., Dorchester, Massachusetts

Our experience with Paul/White Mountain Yurts has been most pleasurable. Paul kept the lines of communication open, remained flexible with our uncertain time table, and adjusted his schedule to make sure our home was secure before calling the setup done. And then afterwards, he called to check up with how we were adjusting and settling in. We would recommend White Mountain Yurts to anyone wanting a yurt. Paul was personable and dependable. Thank you.
The Guillotte's, Northern Maine

What a pleasure my yurt has been! It has favorably impressed everyone who's seen it and won many admirers. WMY's did an excellent job incorporating my personal tastes and needs.
Fran N., Lowell, Massachusetts

My experience with White Mountain Yurts was a great one. They really followed through with customer satisfaction and we are really pleased with our new yurt! I would highly recommend this company.
Amy P., Cumberland Maine

I can't say enough good things about my experience with WMY's. The yurt itself is strong, beautiful, light and airy. The people at WMY's are professional, enthusiastic, responsive and just plain fun. I've been wanting a yurt for the last 16 years, and the reality has been even better than the dream!
Quentin L., Concord, NH

We loved working with this company. The work they do is outstanding and they are great people. If you are looking for a yurt company for your own yurt, I unequivocally recommend them. Having this yurt here has brought lots more people to the farm, and those that have stayed here say it was one of the best times they have ever had. At some point in the future I would like to build a 30 foot yurt to live in. However the next yurt we are building will be for our store. I will always go back to White Mountain Yurts!
Val Newell - www.greenalpacayurts.com

My experience with White Mountain Yurts of New Hampshire was thus; they were professional in their communications, and detail-oriented in a way that made me feel really good about the whole process – from the decision to buy through moving in. Their flexible payment type options were what really sealed the deal for me. Paul and Denise (and even Trevor who was a big help the day my yurt was delivered) made me feel like a part of the family by understanding my needs and wants and by going the extra mile to make me feel comfortable.
Will Keyworth, Huntington, VT

What is a yurt?

The best way to understand a White Mountain Yurt is to see an installation. Call the number below for a listing of available yurts to view. Folks use our Yurts for a variety of reasons including: Year Round Living, Artist Lofts, Hunting Camps, Vacation Suites, Ski Area Shelters and much more. For more information about White Mountain Yurts, please call 877.855.9878, and choose to live outside the box!



I can't say enough good things about my experience with WMY's. The yurt itself is strong, beautiful, light and airy. The people at WMY's are professional, enthusiastic, responsive and just plain fun. I've been wanting a yurt for the last 16 years, and the reality has been even better than the dream!

- Quentin L., Concord, NH


Top 10 Reasons

10. PRICE.
Compared to the cost of a traditional home in many areas, there is no doubt that you will be saving money by living in a yurt in most parts of the country.
Since it can be torn down and moved to another location, you can take it with you if you have to relocate.