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The entire staff of White Mountain Yurts congratulate you for considering a yurt as a viable option for you and your friends and family. Our structures are among the very best quality and our service and price is second to none. As you consider a White Mountain Yurt, it is important to compare our standard and optional features as well as these other benefits:

  1. We are local. We service the entire Northeastern corridor with low shipping costs and delivery. We can respond to any needs or services you may require quickly and knowledgeably. We offer local installation assists; a service our competitors do not do.
  2. We are family owned and operated. Just like you, we want the best for our family and friends and will not deliver anything less than a high quality, safe structure. It’s what you deserve and it is our privilege to satisfy your entire family with quality, safety, accountability and affordability. We’re not just delivering yurts, we’re developing long-lasting relationships with our customers.
  3. Unsurpassed Standard and Optional Features. At White Mountain Yurts our standards are set very high. We deliver the best quality parts and components from our base models on up and stand behind our products. We guarantee our yurts are among the best built in the country and encourage you to compare part for part before you buy. We are confident you’ll choose a White Mountain Yurt.

If the yurt purchase you’re considering does not include these White Mountain Yurt Standard Features, you could be overpaying. We encourage you to use this sheet to compare feature for feature when you’re shopping for a yurt.

  • 7’ lattice wall – Our lattice walls are made from rugged 1-1/2” x 3/4” clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir and carefully bounded at the top, beveled on the edges, and topped off with a fine oil finish for long lasting durability. They are joined together by a stainless steel carriage bolt and backed with a stainless steel lock nut. You can feel secure knowing that your space is sound and solid throughout the seasons.
  • Rafters – These strong timbers are constructed using select 2”x4”s for our Chocorua (16’) and Whiteface( 20’) models, and 2”x6”s for our larger models, The Liberty (24’) and The Washington (30’). We want you to feel safe and secure in a White Mountain Yurt that’s why we offer such high quality standards.
  • Door & Frame – These beautiful Eastern White Pine doors and frames are hand-crafted right out of our shop in New Hampshire. Features include: Raised Panel • Half glass - All of our yurts now come with 7/16” insulated glass. Keyed entry • Door sweep • Extra wide jamb • Weather gasket • Solid oak threshold • Finished with a deep penetrating oil Door dimensions - 36” wide X 76” high X 1 1/4 thick
  • Rings – Our rings are engineered for strength. They consist of two 5’ diameter x 1.5” thick rings that are laminated together. They’re made of durable wood, and finished to withstand the four rugged New England seasons.
  • Clear Dome – Our domes are 1/4” acrylic,16” tall and 5’ in diameter. Great for seeing the stars at night and letting in that warm sunlight. The dome fastens (in six places) to the ring with stainless steel expansion springs, and four straps. All this to ensure that the weather gets in and out only when you say.
  • Windows – Each White Mountain Yurt comes equipped with three 44” X 44” windows. The windows include a screen, storm window, and fully zippered privacy flap to ensure a view when you want it and privacy when you don’t.
  • Roof – Our roofs are constructed with superior polymer roofing material produced by Duro-Last™ (.040 mil [37 oz.]), and come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Fabric Walls – Our three-layer, thermally welded ProTech™ fabric walls with vinyl laminate and ProTech™ material are easily cleaned and may be repaired on site. At 15 oz. per square yard, 220 lbs. x 220 lbs. tensile strength, that’s enough durability to last through a nor’easter! And, they come in an array of friendly, natural colors to compliment any woodland or meadow setting.
  • Valance – This foot-wide band attached to the bottom edge of the yurt roof, covers the lacing system to form a watertight seal. It is constructed of ProTech™ Fabric and comes in array of pleasing colors.
  • Rain Diverter – Attached to the roof above your door, this attractive, yet sturdy, fabric rain diverter keeps you and your entryway protected from the elements. Keeping you dry is part of the Gold Standard at WMY.
  • Cable – Our yurt cables are 3/16” galvanized aircraft cable, encased in a protective covering. It has a break strength of 4200 pounds.

What is a yurt?

The best way to understand a White Mountain Yurt is to see an installation. Call the number below for a listing of available yurts to view. Folks use our Yurts for a variety of reasons including: Year Round Living, Artist Lofts, Hunting Camps, Vacation Suites, Ski Area Shelters and much more. For more information about White Mountain Yurts, please call 877.855.9878, and choose to live outside the box!



I can't say enough good things about my experience with WMY's. The yurt itself is strong, beautiful, light and airy. The people at WMY's are professional, enthusiastic, responsive and just plain fun. I've been wanting a yurt for the last 16 years, and the reality has been even better than the dream!

- Quentin L., Concord, NH


Top 10 Reasons

10. PRICE.
Compared to the cost of a traditional home in many areas, there is no doubt that you will be saving money by living in a yurt in most parts of the country.
Since it can be torn down and moved to another location, you can take it with you if you have to relocate.