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Imagine yourself standing in the center of a circle of light where the only sound you hear is the natural world that surrounds you. Yurt living has been described as "magical," and "healing" and while a change of pace may be just what the doctor ordered in these hectic times, there's no doubt these dwellings have their practical side, too. Economical in price and eco-friendly, a yurt may be just the alternative housing you're searching for.

These shelters are surprisingly affordable - perfect for the future homesteader who

dreams of living off the grid. And for those who opt for green housing, yurts are an environmentally sound, sustainable choice. Seaside retreat or mountain getaway - yurts are amazingly versatile. Whether you're looking for a spa-like vacation home, eco-friendly office, artist's or writer's studio, cozy guest house or a simple and humble abode, your yurt can be tailored to your tastes and needs. And yurts are portable!


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“The clean, sacred geometry of living in a yurt is absolutely magical.”  -- Deb, From the Cape   MORE


The best way to describe a White Mountain Yurt is to see an installation. The animation to your right shows a recent White Mountain Yurt Raising. Folks use our Yurts for a variety of reasons including: Year Round Living, Artist Lofts, Hunting Camps, Vacation Suites, Ski Area Shelters and much more. For more information about White Mountain Yurts, please call 877.855.9878, and choose to live outside the box!

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Please stay tuned for upcoming Open Yurt.

A White Mountain Yurt
not available close by for viewing? Call Paul at: 877.855.9878 to find out how you might be the next one to own and show this fantastic and important product.

We’re ready with 4 great models with standard features that other yurt companies would consider extra cost options.
We also are installing our yurts all over New England so, give us a shout! We may be in your area and would love to meet you and help with any questions you may have...


Want to be part of our next installation?
Click here to see when and where the next old fashioned Yurt raising will take place!

The staff at White Mountain Yurts look forward to meeting you and appreciate your interest in alternative living in the Northeast!


What's new at WMY?

Call us for the latest trends in Yurt manufacturing. There is always something new and innovative to talk about. Ask us about the latest in window technology that will make a difference on those rough weather days!

Less Than You Think

At White Mountain Yurts we know money can be hard to come by! That’s why we can offer an entry level Yurt for under $7,000. Call us for details. 1.877.855.9878

Interior Designs

Are you looking for interior options? Our team of creative people can guide you through a variety of interior design options that will make your Yurt uniquely yours! Call us first for more information.


Ask Paul

Did you know you can email Paul Desrochers anytime to ask questions or leave your comments? We love hearing from you! Email Paul at: paul@whitemountainyurts.com